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Welcome to my blog, the Pretty Average Weasel! I’ve been a big fan of lifestyle blogs for quite some time, and after contemplating this decision for a while, I decided to start my own blog on how to navigate your daily quarter-life crisis *the lifestyle blogger version*!

Oh, you have questions?!

Q: Katie, why is your blog titled ‘the Pretty Average Weasel’?

A: A lot of blogs I like have precious animals in their titles, so I asked myself: what animal do I most resemble? A weasel, duh. I put ‘average’ to emphasize my humbleness, because everyone loves a humble blogger.

Q: What makes you authorized to give me advice about my quarter-life crisis?

A: I’m not!! That’s the best part of this blog 🙂 Being a recent post-grad and all, I go through at least three quarter-life crises a day, so I do feel like I have some experience in the whole self-doubt, ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life’, ‘do I need to visit Target for the fourth time this week even though my bank account can’t take it anymore’ arena!

Q: Why do you have so many quarter-life crises?

A: Well, I just recently moved to Boston from Los Angeles after finishing up my undergrad (in creative writing… … .. .. .. .or should I say. . . . .never getting a job). Upon arriving in this new city, I immediately got a full time job working in law at an Ivy League (do I know anything about law?) (no) (not at all) (SOS) and picked up a part time job working for a poetry press. In addition to those two jobs, I also run my own publishing press and go to graduate school full time. And I’m trying to make friends, because no one ever tells you how difficult it is to move to a city as an *adult* and form a new squad. Does this answer your question?

Q: Okay, that all makes sense, I guess. But what will your posts be about?

A: My posts will be similar to all other lifestyle blogs, anonymous question asker!! I’ll be teaching you how to do a road trip across America, how to find yourself for under $86.44, how to ~detox~ while being broke, all those lovely lifestyle bloggy things!! Plus, I’m from Los Angeles, so I have credibility in these topics.

Q: Can you stay away from posting anything about your cats?

A: No.

Stay tuned, anonymous question asker(s)!!

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  1. Love this! Will be checking out what’s next. =)


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