How to Find Yourself for Under $86.44

For my first real blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to document the recent finding myself journey I took!

Like everyone else, I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the Internet. I’ve seen more than a handful of posts about bloggers trying to find themselves, often somewhere tropical or really, really expensive. That being said, I decided to go try to find myself two weeks ago on Superbowl Sunday because I don’t know anything about sports and just realized that the Patriots are from New England like two days ago.

Rather than settling for Fiji or New York City, my squad and I ventured out to the luxurious Lincoln, New Hampshire!


We heard about this mystical place called the Ice Castles, located deep in the faux snowy hills, right off Highway 93. While my squad was excited to go check out some manmade ice castles, I was excited to go try to find the true meaning of life and my existence, so I didn’t think twice about buying a ticket to visit the attraction: $12.95 but really $15 after those lovely web fees.

My bae Jake and I left Boston around 10:30am since our appointment to explore the icy depths was at 2:00pm. We usually are never, ever on time to anything (I blame Jake), but I figured that I would experiment with new things, like actually being on time, and see how that played into finding myself.

It only took about forty-five minutes for us to feel exhausted, so we knew that we needed to stock up on some caffeine. On our road trip to Boston from Los Angeles, we stumbled upon a Starbucks every two miles, so we were pretty confident that we would quickly find some magical healing elixir. We learned, however, that New Hampshire doesn’t believe in Starbucks. But they like maple syrup. And guns. And moose.

After driving nearly two hours, Jake and I finally found a Starbucks in what was labeled as an ‘outlet mall’. We stocked up on our daily overdose of sugar (or well, I did, because Jake is a purist and only believes in iced black eyes but w/e he’s boring) and bought two bagels because no journey is complete without gluten: $16.49

We returned to the road, classy Starbucks iced black eye and green tea frapp in hand, and drove the remaining forty-five minutes to Lincoln. We pulled into the gorgeous parking lot full of dirty slush and ugly parkas, then prepared ourselves for the adventure that was about to come.

Before any adventure, it is important to prepare. I prepared by applying some dope red lipstick, since I’m now a blogger and all. But then I got worried that I looked like a clown. I attempted to take it off, but it smeared all over my face and made me look like I had a scary rash. After Jake calmed me down and reassured me that I was still a blogger sans lipstick, we headed to the first stop: the porta potties!


Shout out to Dave’s for giving our bladders some support! We knew we were going to find ourselves in the most authentic way possible once I saw these bad boys.

As you can see, the ground around the Ice Castles was wet, but my feet were prepared for the tough terrain. Every blogger needs a pair of photogenic boots. You know, the type of boots where people will leave comments asking where they bought them, but the blogger will never, ever respond (unless they’re sponsored) because those shoes MUST remain a secret. Well, since my blog is all about how to manage your quarter-life crisis and this post is finding yourself on a budget, I thought I would spill my secret! Pictured below are my trusty pair of Dr. Martens.


Originally, this style (the ‘Eleanor’) is priced at $145. Back in October, Jake and I visited the Dr. Martens store on Newbury Street in Boston because I am a pretty dope girlfriend at times and decided to buy him a pair of Docs for his birthday. While Jake was browsing the store, the sales associate started talking to me. I noted that I just moved to Boston from Los Angeles, and upon finding out my origin, she exclaimed that her roommates were also from LA. Because of that similarity, she graced Jake and I with 65% off of our purchase, which meant that his chosen pair and mine were only $50 each! (Dr. Martens girl, if you are looking at this, I still love you). (Also, please take the time to admire this photo) (Because I definitely spent like, five minutes angling my phone to make sure my legs looked skinny and long).

Jake and I joined our cute lil squad in line and within five minutes were admitted into THE ICE CASTLES!!!


Shout out to Jake for taking the above photo once we entered. He’s a great photographer and really knows my best angles.

The Ice Castles were everything we imagined: small, cramped, and disappointing. Fortunately, they played the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, so at least I had a great score while I attempted to find myself.

Jake and I patiently waited for a few ice tunnels to look empty, then snapped these photos.

Everyone needs to get in touch with their inner child, so I made sure to do so. I spotted a very tiny, tiny tunnel, obviously made for four year olds, and forced Jake to follow me into it so he could get some photo proof that I was still young, slightly carefree, and fun. I made it out okay, but Jake got stuck (he’s 5’11 and very lanky, so maybe that explains why he couldn’t find himself at the Lincoln Ice Castles). I made fun of him, then eventually helped him out all while parents and children laughed at us (out of jealousy, since they evidently lost their inner childish spirit).


Our squad got a little bit tired of the Ice Castles, so they left while Jake and I waited in line for the monumental finding ourselves event: the ice slide. Unfortunately, we chose to visit the Ice Castles on a day where about seventy other individuals were trying to find themselves, and also decided to do so on the ice slide.

Well, we didn’t find ourselves on the ice slide, but we certainly let out a chuckle or two. It reminded us of the time we met while we both were traveling through the Amazon Rainforest. (If you heard that we met while working at America’s Funniest Home Videos, that’s just a rumor). (We definitely met somewhere abroad…) (…while I saved him from hungry piranhas…) (…definitely didn’t meet in the break room of AFV while I shoved Goldfish in my mouth).

We rejoined our squad outside the Ice Castles, then traveled to one of the main streets of whatever town we were in. There, we restocked on caffeine and shared our experiences. I didn’t tell any of my friends why I was *truly* there, since I figured that expressing my true intent on my blog was more appropriate. I recollected my thoughts, wondering if I really found myself at all, all while sipping on my drink called The Fuzzy Sweater: $4.95 (You can’t omit the post adventure vanilla hazelnut cocoa almond cappuccino).

Above are some photos from exploring the tiny little main street. There were only three stores open, and all three of those stores smelled like maple syrup and made me nauseous.

The sun started to set, so we all piled back in our cars and headed back home to Boston.

So, did I find myself? Kinda. BUT the most important part of this unnecessarily long post was that I kinda found myself for a total of $86.44!!! Amazing!!

Let me know if any of you use my sage advice and decide to find yourself within a budget, too!

Until next time, anonymous viewers!!


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  1. You are definitely an above-average weasel! Love your blog!!


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