How to Prepare for EMO NIGHT (Makeup Tutorial)

The weekend is here, which means it’s time to relax, unwind, and cry to your favorite emo songs!

That’s right – your weekend can begin with a wholesome trip to the infamous Boston Emo Night at The Sinclair. Emo Night is usually once a month on a Thursday night, so it’s a perfect way to makedamnsure (one point if you get the reference lol) your weekend starts with a perfect balance of chaos and melancholy.

RIP sidekick also how the hell was I so tan let’s talk about that

I don’t know about you, but Emo Night is so nostalgic for me. The emo/scene days were glorious (see photo proof above). I spent my young adult life on MySpace, eagerly hoping someone would make Katie Fidelity (trademark) part of their top eight. I didn’t care about what people thought (unless it was related to their top eight, or my style, or my music choices) and really surrendered to emotion during that time. I pretended to like HIM and knew all the words to every Fall Out Boy song (pre-Cork Tree because I was a *real* fan and their new stuff sucks) (still know all the lyrics, cash me outside if u ever wanna do Fall Out Boy lyric trivia).  For me, Emo Night lets me return back to that DGAF attitude (unless someone comments on my appearance, music choice, etc), which I think all of us need to embrace sometimes. 

Many of my friends tell me I’m really, really great at putting on makeup, so today’s blog post is all about how to prepare your face for events like Emo Night feat. your favorite emo couple: bae Jake and me~

1. First, you should start off by gathering just a few of your makeup essentials, like the palest foundation, all of your lipsticks (you will need all of them), retractable eyeliner (all about being modern), eyeshadow, mascara, and blush! I get a lot of my items from Ipsy, a monthly service that sends you dope makeup for only $10 a month (pls sponsor me)!!
2. Before applying makeup, makedamnsure (again!! lol) your face is cleansed, moisturized, and all that other jazz. 

Snapchat filters necessary if you worked all day and it’s midnight and you’re doing a makeup tutorial for your four blog followers (shout out thanks for the love y’all)

3. After cleansing, apply about eight layers of foundation on. Make sure all of it is rubbed in and smoothed out. Real emo kids will be able to tell how many layers you have on, and if it’s anything less than eight, you’re a poser sry2say. 

After applying eight layers of foundation

4. Then apply blush to your entire cheek area. I’ve found that just applying it to your cheek bones is basic – accentuate your entire face! Make everything pop! For reference, scope the photo below of bae Jake reppin’ how you should look post applying blush and eyeshadow. (Pro tip: use the same shade of blush and eyeshadow to really show off your DGAF attitude).  

5. After eyeshadow, I add some natural looking eyeliner to make my eyes pop. Make (damn) sure that your eyeliner appears to be minimalistic, smooth, even! As you can see in the photo below, I gave Jake the classy eyeliner tears, which are highly respected at Emo Night and in every day society. Don’t forget to include mascara!

6. Lastly, take out all your lipsticks/lip glosses/etc. You’re going to want to use each one, so only apply one brand at a time to just a section of your lip. I use all these brands because tbh I’m indecisive and all lipstick eventually comes off so w/e it’s survival of the fittest and usually Deep Eddy’s lemon vodka wins (sponsor me). 

Here’s the final product aka your favorite emo couple!! 

Not only is it fun to put on a lil bit of makeup and go out to scream some of your favorite songs about high school heartbreak and revenge, but getting ready for Emo Night is also a great way to bond with your partner!

Before you leave the house, don’t forget to take some selfies utilizing those great emo angles. 

Also, pro tip: if you’re like Jake and me and tend to fall asleep before leaving the house, remember to set an alarm for the middle of the night, so you can remove your Emo Night makeup rather than waking up late and rushing to work and then realizing what your face looks like and why your boss looks terrified of you (shout out to my bro boss Abram) (he’s dope) (blog post on how to be bffs with your boss coming soon) (so sorry for being late again Abram this blog post was v important to post)

Let me know if my tips helped you (if they didn’t, don’t let me know ya hater) and send me some photos of your face after going through my emo night makeup tutorial!

(I’m also available for hire to be a MUA  jussayin) 

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