~*Inspiration Board*~ AKA 5 Things I Really Dig This Week

Okay, so running a blog maybe isn’t as easy as I initially thought it would be.

My apologies for disappearing, because I know y’all were really missing my posts, but I AM BACK!! And still having the same amount (if not more) of quarter life crises 🙂

A lot of lifestyle blogs I scope often post lists of things they love, so I decided to follow that trend and share some of my fav things of the week with y’all!!

1. C R E D I T  C A R D  F R A U D

As a struggling millennial with impending student debt payments, I decided at the beginning of the week that I would quit wasting my money on stupid shit. Of course, I tell myself this weekly, but I think the financial karma gods finally got me.

I *might’ve* been wandering around my favorite store Tarjay when my trusty banking app notified me that someone attempted to purchase goodies all the way in the freakin’ California desert.

Will you now spend your money wisely-

This beautiful situation allowed me to take a totally not needed day off, where I traveled to my local bank branch and had to sit for 2 hours to try to get it all sorted out. Ultimately, I am very grateful that the info stealer’s charges were denied. I’m also grateful for Lucy, the employee who helped me. She had dope geese tattoos on her arm and explained each one’s personality as she issued me a new credit card.

2.  B R E A S L I P P E R S

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I really appreciate fashion. I love discreet and powerful pieces, so when I stumbled upon these beautiful French bread slippers, I knew they were made for me. Personally, I believe they are a necessary fashion staple for 2017 and they will soon be joining all the other totally useless items in my closet.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.34.16 PM

3.  W O L V E S

Let’s be real – who doesn’t love wolves? When I found out that there was a wolf sanctuary just an hour outside of Boston, I forced our friends Lia and Lloyd to accompany Jake and me to Wolf Hollow. Ideally, it would have been dope to actually pet and snuggle the wolves, but the hour presentation we saw was a pretty good compromise. The man running the sanctuary is a middle school teacher by day, but during the weekends, he feeds wolves raw liver pieces (through his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!) and gives them top-notch snugs.

You know those super cheesy wolf sweaters that were really in for a hot second, back in like 2000? Well, I’ve always wanted one, and somehow the universe *knew* I visited a wolf sanctuary on Saturday. Because on Monday, I stumbled upon this beautiful sweater on sale for $12, when it was originally $40!! You better believe I purchased it, and then forced Lia to purchase a matching one because wolf pack.

I named this wolf Jelly.
4.  C A T  F U R N I T U R E

As a busy cat mom, I like to make sure that Kurt and Lola are entertained at home while Jake and I are out working and schoolin’. That being said, our bedroom is full of some pretty creative cat furniture. In October, we had a spooky haunted cat house. In February, that haunted house was replaced with a mailbox house, and now they are currently digging this blanket tunnel that is pretty ugly IMO.

But with spring here and summer around the corner, I’ve been brainstorming my next cat furniture purchase. Thankfully, Uncommon Goods offers some ridiculously priced cat furniture that is at the top of my wish list. Check out this art piece for yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.13.20 PM

5. S T A R T E R  P A C K S

Like wolf sweaters, starter packs were all the rage about a year ago. I’m on a mission to bring them back, so Lia kindly created these beautiful starter packs for both Jake and me. Scope them, and if you are looking for a sweet designer to work with, I highly recommend checking out her website and portfolio, too!!

That’s it for things I’m digging this week, y’all! Check back this week for my post about my date with Gordon Ramsay.


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